Dieting, Cookie Swaps, and Previews

It's been a while!  Well, I actually I've on a bit of an online diet.  That is an online diet, not a calorie restricted diet.  A girl's gotta bake, right?  I've actually been doing a lot of baking while on this diet.  In fact, I now have my first cookie swap under my belt!  Since I am making new friends in the food blogger world, and today is National Cookie Day, I figured I would cheat a little and post a preview of what's to come.

Look good yet?  This is the second recipe that I created for the swap.  I had some reliable taste testers (the husband and kids) try both batches.  Oh, they hated testing them over and over again.  Yeah right!  Well this losing recipe will be featured in an upcoming post, as well as the one chosen to send to my fellow cookie lovers in the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap, plus the much anticipated (by me) cookies I'll be receiving in return.  Oh, and I'll have tips on surviving your first cookie swap, like don't get so nervous when wrapping up your finished product that you forget to pack the info about yourself and your cookies!  So, stay tuned, and follow me on social media in the mean time!

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