Police Academy Graduation: The Cop Cake

Update:  So, you apparently liked this cake! I recently found it on Pinterest!  After following the link, I discovered that it has been featured on websites, "borrowed" by many, and viewed nearly 4,000 times here (on the blog I quit shortly after starting 5 yrs ago)!  Of course when they are created from my vision, I only see the flaws in what I make.  However, as much as I love looking at other people's cakes, it made me realize that people might actually want to see them. So I'm catching up on the blog!

I was so happy to make this cake for Michelle, for her husband's surprise party, celebrating his graduation from the police academy.  Jerod is now a member of the San Antonio Police Department.  Congrats to you both!  -Originally posted: June 9, 2010


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