Toy Story Cake

This cake was for Sam's 5th birthday.  This one included 4 tiers, made of ten layers of cake.  I also made a Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and Rex, Sam's favorites from the movie.   Buzz was my favorite part of the cake.  Happy birthday Sam!  Thanks for letting me make your cake!!!

Musical Cake

This cake was for Nichole's 17th birthday.  She loves purple and is really into music right now.  I thought this cake with the zebra print and music notes would be perfect for her!  It had white cake with vanilla buttercream filling, buttercream and chocolate fondants, and chocolate buttercream icing.  Happy birthday Nichole!!!

Wedding Shower Cake

This one was for a couple who were going to be having a shower at their church.  I made two tiers of classic white cake, with vanilla buttercream filling, and covered the cake in peach colored buttercream.  I added a chocolate bow and swiss dots.

Baby Shower

A neighbor asked me to make a baby shower cake for someone in her church.  This is what I came up with.

Baby's First Birthday

So, my baby turned one!  We spent the week too sick to have a birthday party, so I ended up putting together a little cake for her to dig into, and cupcakes for the rest of the family to eat.  I chose the theme of roses, since her middle name is Rose.  I think we heard "mmmmmmm" a lot that night!

Snare Drum Birthday Cake... In a Hurry

So, before I realize it, it's Daddy's birthday.  The end of the school year is always packed with more things than I really have time to handle, so I didn't really plan on making a cake.  Of course, I decided that I would feel guilty if I didn't throw something together. I asked him what he liked and he said, "drums and steak".  I decided to go with an 8 inch snare drum in his favorite color, and I only had a couple of hours to make it happen.  The drum sticks may have still been soft and you may be able to tell that it was a bit of a rush job, but hey... He still had cake, and you could even tell what it was supposed to be!  That's better than nothing!

Happy Birthday Jack!

Jack is the son of Mrs. Jennifer, and grandson of Mrs. Janice at CEC.  I was so happy to make a birthday cake for him this year!  He loves soccer and blue, so a blue soccer ball cake with a big red eight it was!

Congrats Ms. Janice!!

Wow!!!  The staff, families, and children of CEC have been blessed to have Ms. Janice teaching there for 30 years this February!  I am so thankful for what will be three years in a row with a child in her class!  To show their appreciation, the school threw a "Magenta and Turquoise" themed party.  The staff even wore custom made shirts for the party.   She was once told by a psychologist that her class was" too magenta and turquoise" for one of her autistic children, and that a black and white class would be better.  So... Hence the colors on the cake.  I also made a little Flops and Snickers.  We all love Ms. Janice for being so "magenta and turquoise!"

Farm Themed Birthday Party

This year, Jackson's only request for his birthday party was a green tractor cake... A John Deere tractor cake!  It is always more complicated to make the cake, when you are putting together the party, but when he told me how much he loved it, it was completely worth the effort!  What I love about it are the royal icing pigs.  Oh, and I actually hid a candle inside of the smoke stack, so it really made smoke when he blew it out.  It was pretty cute to see the eyes of the tractor looking up at the smoke!

Happy Birthday Mamaw!

December also brings lots of birthdays in my family.  When I visited Monroe, I had to throw something together for an impromptu birthday visit with my grandmother.  Wish I had time to make a suitable base to avoid the buttercream grease!

Christmas Cookie Time!!

Christmas time means school parties, and gingerbread cookies!  The kids helped me cut out these fun shapes and decorate them.  I think we made seven dozen in one night.  It was a lot of work, but they love to share things that they made with others!

SEC Football Madness!!!

I made this one for a football party at our house.  It was Alabama vs. LSU, although I'd always rather squash an Auburn Tiger, than an LSU Tiger.  I didn't feel too bad though, because my friend Rebecca brought a great LSU cookie cake.  It was fun, since there were crimson, and purple and gold fans in the house!  By the way...  Alabama 24, LSU 15.

Kaitlyn's First Birthday

What a fun cake to make!  It was such a pleasure to be a part of Kaitlyn's first birthday!  This cake is one of my favorites!

Nothing to do? Make a cake!

So when Jake and I were up late with nothing to do...  we made a cake.  This was a chocolate cake, with peanut butter, and chocolate buttercreams.  It was coated with a layer of of Jake's crushed chocolate covered peanut brittle, and drizzled with more chocolate.  Yummy!

CEC Fall Fundraiser

When the kids had to bring homemade cakes and cookies for the school bake sale, we tried a couple of different kinds of cookies.  We made Cookie Pops, and piped things that children do at CEC on the front.  We also made some gooey Smores cookies to sell with them.


I made these cookies for the Fall Fundraiser They were "Smores"  cookies, made with a special graham cracker dough, chocolate chunks, and marshmallows.

CEC Fall Fundraiser

I made this cake for my son's class.

Cupcakes, Candy, and Roll Tide!!

I thought we'd need something sweet to bring to Boondoggle.  Alabama had a game that weekend, so what could be better than cupcakes and candy with an Alabama logo?!!!  They were vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream icing.  I made the candy discs by piping in the red melted candy into the white melted candy.  They were super yummy, and yes... The Tide did Roll!!

Pool Party Cake

I had such a blast making the cupcake cake, that I decide to make the cake for her pool party! She wanted Elmo, so I made an Elmo face in chocolate. I stacked the Elmo cake on top of a 14 inch white cake and covered it in homemade buttercream icing. I learned many important details while working on this cake, mostly in time management!!

The First of Many

I did this one for Abby Kate's class on her birthday. The icing was store-bought, because I didn't even know if I could bake a cake and get it out of the pan, much less make my own icing!