Faking Fancy: Nutella, Strawberries, Brownies. Oh My!

College football season just started, and that means, for some reason, that food must be better on Saturdays than usual.  In keeping with this practice, I promised to make something especially exciting for dessert if my husband did everything else, but I never really have time for that.  I had an idea and thought it would look fancy and complicated, when it was really cheap, quick, and easy.  So, I faked fancy.

The Owl Birthday Cake

This was weekend 2 of a pair of parties for sisters!  Claire had a dolphin themed pool party last week, and this time it was Lauren's turn.  She wanted an owl cake,which I loved, because my girls have never let me do one for them!

The Dolphin Birthday Cake

 I was so happy to make this cake for a sweet little friend of the family.  I haven't made a cake for anyone, other than my own family members, in years.  Claire is such a sweet girl, but it was a really generous act for her friends in her Sunday school class that convinced me to make one for her.  It also inspired me to go back to this 5 years dormant cake blog!