The Owl Birthday Cake

This was weekend 2 of a pair of parties for sisters!  Claire had a dolphin themed pool party last week, and this time it was Lauren's turn.  She wanted an owl cake,which I loved, because my girls have never let me do one for them!

Lauren's cake was supposed to be quick and easy, but the things that are supposed to be quick and easy rarely are, right?  It actually rained all morning and I hadn't covered it in fondant yet, because I was behind schedule, as usual.  It took far longer than it should have, and after working with one piece of fondant so long, in so much humidity, I decided to scrap it and go with a chocolate fondant I happened to have (thank goodness).  I had originally planned on using brown vanilla, so I just made matching vanilla cupcakes, with vanilla buttercream fondant toppers to incorporate both.


 Finally rolling!

Like her sister, Lauren also had a pool party.  The kids were able to get a little swimming before more rain drove them out of the pool.  This family had a great contingency plan, though.  Everyone just moved into the garage, where they jumped in an inflatable bounce house, destroyed an owl pinata, and feasted on cake, ice cream, and candy. 

Lauren and her family.

Hope all of those birthday wishes come true for this sweet girl!

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