The Baby Farm Animals Party and Bunny Birthday Cake

Well, I have a stockpile of pictures and things to blog about, but we all know how life tends to, well.. it happens.  Anyway, I'm taking a minute to have my coffee, before getting back to work on a cake for a birthday party today and thought that I would use the opportunity to add a new post.  Since it's a Saturday (cake day) and, as I mentioned, life happens, I'm reminded of one party and cake in particular.  The baby farm animals party!

WARNING: Do not open this post if your heart cannot handle adorable kids playing with nearly as adorable farm animals!

I had thrown together a party at my house at the last minute. Anyway, the kiddo loves bunnies, always has.  This is also the one with the birthday at the end of the school year, and the same week as daddy's, so she gets the short end of the stick on parties due to time and availability.  So, this was really her first ever birthday party and first bunny themed cake.  This actually worked out well, because I was able to pick up many bunny themed decorations (many from those dollar bins I love to raid), around Easter.  Of course, an abundance of baby farm animals to go along with bunnies would be even better than just bunnies, so that's how it became what it was.

Things started off fine. The plan was for our friends and their kids to come over, have the petting zoo show up and surprise her and all of the other kids, then let the kids play on the slip and slide, while the adults cook out.  The biggest surprise of the day was the A/C going out in the house a few hours before the party in near triple digit temps.  As luck would have it, we were having the party on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.  When my husband called around for someone to come out, the best quote he had was nearly $800 due to the holiday.  Thankfully, we have the best neighbors on the planet!  We have one, in particular, who is always going out of his way to help anyone with anything.  He came right over, and was in and out of the attic all morning with my husband, nearly sweating to death.  He knows a bit about everything and was able to bring in portables to keep us cool at night and he helped get it fixed by the next day, at the cost of $75 for a part. Thanks for Godly people always serving others!  Thanks Reg!  We should all be that generous!

Anyway, if you make many cakes, you know that no one can escape the occasional cake wreck.  Coincidentally, the day my home turned into an oven was the day I made a cake with the central components were made of modeling chocolate.  As you can imagine, the bunnies didn't really feel like standing up to 90+ degrees inside the house.  They got a little droopy, and we may have had to surgically reattach some ears and tails a time or two.  The flowers and other details also completely lost their form, but considering the circumstances, I was just happy that the cake hadn't turned into a puddle by the time we ate it.
Well,  needless to say, with a surprise petting zoo, the cake wasn't that important anyway.  Many, many thanks to Cockrill's Country Critters for bringing the farm to us!  We all loved it, and we even had a surprise visit from their newest baby, Roo (the kangaroo)!

Seriously!  What's cuter than a baby pot belly pig?  Few things, I tell ya!

It was a really fun day, and looking at the pictures makes me smile.  It also makes me think about how much I consult the internet on how to be the perfect mom and throw the best party, how so many of us buy into the idea that we need to throw the best parties.  This, and pretty much everything else I have ever done, are examples of how I will never live up to those moms, whose lives we know only from their selectively published photos of the perfect everything.  I thought about how someone coming to this post to find the perfect anything for a farm themed birthday party might be disappointed by, if not just the droopy cake, the lack of perfectly coordinated crafts, goody bags, decorations, etc.  I can appreciate the effort to find all of that stuff to gather ideas for planning your own, but something about the fact that I even think that what we do, as moms doing our best, may not be good enough.  This post originally grew excessively long, so in fairness, I decided to cut it off and save those thoughts for a future post for mamas who may feel the way I do.  You can read it here:  Lessons Learned from Birthday Parties

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