Pound Puppy Birthday Cake

Oooohhhhh this might be my all time favorite...

If you have known my girl for very long, you probably know about Pokey.  Pokey was her pound puppy that she carried all over San Antonio, and still has a place on her bed.  I'll never forget the night when it was time to tuck her in and Pokey was nowhere to be found.  I vividly remember her standing at the back door calling Pokey's name out into the darkness with tears pouring.  It was so cute.  Of course, we found Pokey and all was right with the world.

Whenever my kids' birthdays come around, they only care about 2 things... The theme of the cake, and choosing which restaurant we will go to for dinner as a family the night of the birthday.  No one ever chooses a simple pretty cake.  The theme is usually whatever the child is interested in at the time.  Naturally, Pokey would need to be featured on her third birthday cake.  I loved this though, because we got to make the little replica out of fondant together, and all she cared about was having Pokey on it, so I got to make a clean, simple, girly cake.  I still love it!

The Pokey cake was also one of the tastiest, and that's saying a lot, because I'm not a huge chocolate cake fan.  It was chocolate, with fresh strawberries and ganache filling, also with buttercream, and chocolate fondant.  Yep, still my favorite!

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