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Well, It's been 5 years since I've checked out this blog.  We've moved several times, had a couple of kids, and with all of the birthdays, I think my cake decorating skills have improved!  I actually looked at this blog for the first time today and noticed that it has been getting views, despite not having been updated in years, AND the cakes shown were made when I was a newbie, and therefore, fairly hideous.  Since I've made many over the years, and people apparently like to look at the ugly ones, I thought I'd start posting some more.  Plus my kids love seeing them, especially on Pinterest!
So this one is a throwback, but it has always been one of my It's how I remember Halloween from my childhood, a little bit spooky, whimsical, and fairly innocent compared to some of the things you see now.  I haven't seen it in a while, and I can't find any pictures of the back.  This was one of those rare cakes (at least for my skill level) that had the scene wrap all the way around, because it didn't have a bad side!  I think the back had a haunted house or something like that.  I do remember that I made it for a fall carnival at my kids' preschool in San Antonio.  It was auctioned and sold to a family I made several cakes for.  I remember hearing how much they loved looking at, and eating it for quite some time.  Maybe I should make a similar one this year for the kids!

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